Basic Element starts consolidating its mechanical engineering assets.


GAZ Automotive Plant becomes part of the Group.


GAZ plant starts rolling out Japanese production system based on the continuous improvement philosophy. GAZ’s newly acquired know-hows find their way to other companies holding leadership positions in their respective segments of the national economy.

Modernization of the GAZelle LCV begins.


GAZ Automotive Plant becomes the central element of GAZ Group which brought together Russian production facilities specializing in making light commercial vehicles, buses, trucks, construction machines, engines and car parts.

This year also saw the establishment of Russian Machines holding which became GAZ Group’s shareholder and the company managing Basic Element’s all mechanical engineering assets.

Aviacor, which is among Russia’s largest aircraft building companies, joins the Russian Machines perimeter.


RM Systems is established to become a company managing car parts manufacturing facilities.

Aviacor makes its first ever An 140 regional turboprop.


RM Rail holding is created to manage the Group’s railway engineering assets.


GAZ Group’s corporate university is founded at GAZ Automotive Plant.


A new quality system is introduced at GAZ Automotive Plant.


TRM, a joint venture with Japanese company TRAD, is established in Nizhny Novgorod. The JV specializes in making radiators.

A modern line for making large castings for railcars is put into operation at RM Rail’s VKM Steel. The plant has installed capacity to produce 12,000 tonnes castings a year. A total of RUB 5.2 bn were invested.


RM-Terex joint venture is established in partnership with global Terex Corporation. The JV’s core business is making and distributing construction machines and specialty vehicles.

A new excavator production line is put into operation in Tver to become the only conveyor of this sort in Russia. Around USD 20 mn were invested.


GAZ launches the GAZelle NEXT family which provides entirely new customer experience in terms of reliability and comfort offered by Russian-made vehicles.

In cooperation with VW, General Motors and Daimler GAZ Automotive Plant launches production of five foreign car models. Over 200,000 sq.m floor space are modernized at GAZ.

A new diesel engine plant is opened in Yaroslavl. A total of RUB 10 bn have been invested in the production facility which is second to none throughout Russia and the CIS.

A joint venture is established with transnational farming machine maker AGCO. Following the strategy pursued by the partners AGCO-RM JV concentrates on localizing the production and distribution of a broad range of farming machines.

RM Rail’s engineering and R&D functions are consolidated into RM Rail Engineering which today has 56 railcar models in its portfolio. This is more than any of its competitors has. Besides, RM Rail Engineering is successful in developing equipment for the petrochemical and gas industry. 


Production of the GAZon NEXT new generation light-duty truck is started.

GAZ Group is issued a certificate allowing its motor vehicles to be sold in the European Union. An extensive export program is launched.

RM Rail markets the combined railcar for alumina and aluminum, the bitumen tank car, the tank car for molten sulfur and the flat car for container and piggy-back transportation.


15-year anniversary of Basic Element consolidating its mechanical engineering efforts.

GAZ starts production of several new generation NEXT models, including GAZelle NEXT van, URAL NEXT truck and Vector NEXT bus.

RM Terex starts production of the new generation WX200 wheel excavators and TX210 tracked excavators.

RM Rail's markets a number of new railcars including the tank car for oil products, the hopper for minerals and the high capacity grain hopper.

2016 GAZ Group started a mass production of a 17-seat all-metal van minibus GAZelle NEXT, Vector NEXT bus and a YAMZ-530 CNG engine complying with Euro 5 emission standards.

GAZ Group signed a memorandum on the industrial assembly of a range of special vehicles and buses in Kazakhstan.

GAZ Group unveiled a new model range of NEXT buses and trucks at the IAA Commercial Vehicles trade fair in Hannover. RM-Terex developed heavy crawler excavator series  and wheel loader.