Professional Development

Growing together

Russian Machines Corporation holds a leading position in Russia’s manufacturing sector which makes it a reliable employer. We can help you make your ideas come true and offer new opportunities for professional development. With us you will be part of a strong target-oriented team and will enjoy many advantages.

A job with variety

As Russian Machines Corporation never stops growing, as it constantly develops new products, introduces new process and management technologies and enters new markets, our employees find themselves from day to day involved in a wide range of interesting activities. Our engineers, lawyers, economists, market experts and workers enjoy unique opportunities to expand their professional horizons.

Unique team

The most important asset of which Russian Machines corporation is hugely proud is the people who work there. Russian Machines’ team comprises true professionals sharing the same objectives and values, with much to offer in terms of skills and knowledge. Newcomers will feel very comfortable in the Corporation’s atmosphere of trust and cooperation. Deep rooted coaching traditions will help them on their way to full adaptation to the new environment. This is especially important for young specialists with no previous employment experience.

Competitive salary

Russian Machines Corporation offers its employees a competitive salary. The system itself takes into account the extent to which the key performance indicators have been met and as such is transparent and fair as it helps ensure that those who are highly productive and efficient are rewarded accordingly.

Social package

As a socially responsible employer Russian Machines seeks to improve the quality of life of its employees and their families. The Corporation has launched a number of social and financial support programmes including voluntary medical insurance, meal allowance, etc.

Professional growth opportunities

Russian Machines is a company that takes personnel development very seriously. Corporation’s employees have an opportunity to enroll in internal educational programs, special training courses and workshops organized by external experts, as well as taking advantage of the corporate distant learning system to raise their competencies to new levels. Russian Machines has a well-developed and efficient internal coaching system and personnel rotation program which allow the most advanced practices found at the Corporation’s best plants and those of its western partners to be adopted at other sites as well.

Career opportunities

Everyone who joins the Russian Machines team has access to the same professional growth and career opportunities. The Corporation’s Succession Pool program allows internal candidates to rise to top and medium level management positions that become vacant. Eligibility criteria for getting enrolled in the program are the same for everyone.

HR contacts

If you want to join our team you are welcome to send your CV to Your CV will be put in our database and as soon as a suitable vacancy opens we’ll let you know about it.