Production system

In 2003 GAZ Automotive Plant became Russia’s first production company to develop a unique lean production system based on the Japanese Toyota Production System.

Since 2005 GAZ production system has been in use at all GAZ Group’s plants and throughout Russian Machines as a whole.

Today, expertise built up by GAZ Group and Russian Machines is being rolled out in other sectors of the national economy by companies like Rosatom, Sberbank, agricultural producers, oil refineries, etc.

Underlying principles:

  • Continuous improvement aiming to create value and cut losses.
  • Focus on boosting efficiency on the shop floor and customer-oriented approach.
  • Getting each and every employee involved in the optimization process.


  • Four-fold growth in productivity.
  • Average monthly revenue per employee grew 2.6 times (from RUB 74,000 to RUB 197,000 in 3 years).
  • 40,000 Russian Machines’ personnel and over 2,000 staff employed by the company’s partners and suppliers went through Production System training.