Railroad Equipment

RM Rail - a fully integrated producer of freight railcars and petrochemical equipment.

RM Rail Ruzkhimmash 

  • Tank cars
  • Tank containers
  • Equipment for the gas, oil and chemical industry
  • Hoppers
  • Box cars
  • Flat cars

RM Rail Abakanvagonmash

  • General and special purpose containers
  • Fitting platforms

RM Rail VKM Steel  

Small, medium and large castings, cast parts for repair and operational needs, i.e. counterweights, brackets, bolsters, frames, etc.

RM Rail Engineering

  • R&D of technology-intensive railway engineering products
  • designing new railcar components such as bogies, freight railcars and products for the petrochemical and gas industry
  • engineering and making prototypes; testing and certification

RM Rail Service

  • Roundhouse servicing and overhaul of freight rolling stock, including gondola cars, oil and gasoline tank cars and cement hoppers
  • Roundhouse servicing of fitting platforms
  • Inbound quality control of braking systems, repair and inspection of wheels; making valves for tank cars