GAZ Group starts vehicle supply to Jordan.

GAZ Group starts vehicle supply to Jordan. A contract has been signed with distributor Al-Sultan on supply of vehicles. GAZelle Next drop-side vehicles with short and extended platform, all-metal vans, combi vans and passenger minibuses will be sent to Jordan until the year end.

GAZ Group, one of the leading European commercial vehicle manufacturer and exporter to over 40 countries, will supply GAZelle Next LCV’s to Jordan. An agreement on vehicle supply has been signed by Mr.Leonid Dolgov, Managing Director of GAZ Group export company, and Mr. Monaf Hashim Said, the CEO of Al-Sultan.

GAZelle Next vehicles will be the first GAZ Group products to be operated in Jordan. After receipt of the first batch, Al-Sultan will hold a series of presentations of GAZelle Next lineup for local customers, who will be able to test vehicles. The GAZelle Next products are multi-purpose commercial vehicles for different businesses and passenger transport, which are adapted for operation on poor roads and in hot climate.

The GAZelle Next drop-side vehicle has a frame-based design, which ensures reliability of the vehicle and opportunity of its operation in complicated road conditions under high loads, as well as allows installing a wide range of special-purpose superstructures for various businesses. The vehicle’s carrying capacity is 1.5 t, and gross weight is 3.5 t.

The GAZelle Next van has unique functionality, excellent driving control and ergonomics. The volume of the cargo van is 13.5 m3. A special hatch under the passenger seat allows transporting items up to 5 m long. Easy access to the cargo bay allows loading and unloading to be simplified to the maximum extent. Rear doors may be fixed in intermediate position at an angle of 90° and fully opened at an angle of 270°.

The GAZelle Next combi van allows transporting up to 7 people and 9.5 m3 of cargo and combines the advantages of a truck and a comfortable minibus. The GAZelle Next body is made of galvanized steel and some components - of high-strength fiberglass reinforced plastic. This ensures long service life and good anti-corrosion performance of the vehicle.

The GAZelle Next minibus is designed for transportation of 16 people. A passenger compartment with panorama glazing ensures excellent visibility. The passenger compartment has a high side door opening and low step for easy access of passengers. Three heaters and an air conditioner provide optimal climate in the passenger compartment under any weather conditions. Increased rigidity of the body and crumple zones of reinforced elements of the vehicle ensure safety of passengers and the driver.

Leonid Dolgov, Managing Director of GAZ International, GAZ Group export company:

- Jordan is a strategically important market for GAZ Group as it is deemed the “gateway” to the Middle East. Nowadays, we are closely studying this market and we need to know what our potential customers think of our vehicles. I believe that local customers will appreciate the functionality, reliability and tremendous opportunities of GAZelle Next for the business, which will be demanded in agriculture, tourism, construction and mining industries.

Monaf Hashim Said, CEO of Al-Sultan:

- I had an opportunity to test GAZ Group vehicles. I am sure than these vehicles are very decent and may find their customers both in Jordan and in the entire Middle East. I have visited a production site of GAZ Group and seen how products are manufactured, and I am impressed. The process is established at the top level under application of global vehicle engineering technologies and modern equipment.